I haven't posted any new art lately. I got things going on that needed to be sorted out...or it's just because i'm playing MW2 a bit wee too much. Plus, I've been living a healthier life style now. Working out (strength training), gaining muscle while losing fat and a change of eating habits.

Because of that I lost 20 lbs so far in the past 1 1/2 months. My ideal weight was 170 for my height (several years ago), and my highest was 222lb. It felt great, it takes time and sticking to the stuff I'm in now should be put me in track for healthy living.

I'm just chilling for the week. Aint to bad really, I got some ideas floating around for my next art submissions.

But if you'd like, I can do requests (as in draw your character(s)**** in my style). The catch is, you must already been scouted and if it catches my interest. But anyways, have a good mid week !

***** PM me link(s) to ur art in the NG portal

Front paged oh my

2010-01-06 23:38:34 by XxCrazydudexX

It's awesome, I wouldn't expect that my T.E.S concept will be front paged. Ty for all who made it happened !

Although i haven't posted any new art this weekend ( ya i know ). I just had an uneasy feeling when I want to draw stuff, maybe i was too tired or just got burnt from the NG lvl collab. Anyways, I got my groove back on monday (after a few sheets of paper). I'll be posting some new pieces hopefully on tuesday.

This art piece almost kicked my ass, in character design that is.

Sherlock holmes

2010-01-02 18:09:47 by XxCrazydudexX

Not a bad movie actually. I enjoyed it, fun story line pack with some action as usual.

I recommend !

Rawr NG collab

2009-12-30 17:51:15 by XxCrazydudexX

I've been busy creating art for the NG collab, got some good artists coming it. It's fun and challenging.

Here's my new submission for lvl 50 (updated at least 3 times with a few adjustments)

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/xxc razydudexx/blue-valkrye

Rawr NG collab


2009-12-22 23:56:58 by XxCrazydudexX

First new posts. and OUT of ideas.